Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I love drawing faces. Ever since I was young, I would see faces in things. Go ahead and insert 'wierdo' comment now. I would see faces in trees, clouds, and other natural objects. I have always been intreagued by the human form. How the whole body is in proportion and how the body moves.

This is a piece I did on a whim. I was in my studio, in a great mood, with no idea what to draw. I know I said earliet that I have trouble painting white people. I find it much easier to add values when I don't feel so constained by using the natural colors.

This is a piece that I have always enjoyed. I enjoyed making it, and there is just something about the expression on her face that I can relate to. It is done in watercolor and charcoal. It makes me wonder if I am going the wrong direction by trying to work with oils.


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